In 1991, Carbondale Park District and Urbana Park District executed Intergovernmental Contracts which were the basis for the formation of the Illinois Parks Association Risk Services (IPARKS).  Over 25 years, IPARKS has grown to include over 170 park, recreation and conservation districts, river conservancy districts, forest preserves and special recreation agencies.  And, the founding two members, Carbondale and Urbana Park Districts, remain valued members of IPARKS.

For more than 25 years, IPARKS has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of its members. IPARKS implemented a risk management program to reduce claims and related expenses, minimize injuries to employees and others, and protect members' assets.  To further assist members in their risk management, IPARKS launched an online library in 2000 which now offers thousands of documents and training materials, all at no cost to its members.

In an effort to assist IPARKS members in upgrading their swing sets to conform with national playground safety standards, the IPARKS board approved the Swing Modification Program in 2007.  Through the Swing Modification Program, IPARKS members may apply for $200 annually in reimbursement for approved swing set replacement parts.

Coverages were also enhanced over the years.  In 2010, all IPARKS members received increased liability limits of $3,000,000.  And, in response to a changing marketplace, coverage enhancements were provided to all members in the areas of cyber liability and electronic data in 2011.

In 2015, the IPARKS Board of Directors approved a new loss control and risk management initiative - iGrant! IPARKS embraces the unique attributes of all of its members, and, in furtherance of those unique attributes, the iGrant program permits all IPARKS members to apply for up to $500 in grant money to fund, or partially fund, items that will aid individual members in their property and liability loss control or risk management efforts.

In 2018, the IPARKS Board of Directors modified the Swing Modification Program, allowing Members to apply for up to $350 annually in reimbursement for approval of swing set replacement parts.

The IPARKS Board of Directors looks forward to continuing to provide its members with the most responsive and easy-to-use risk management program for park, recreation and conservation districts, forest preserves, river conservancy districts, and special recreation agencies throughout the state of Illinois!



We provide an insurance alternative through a member-owned risk-sharing pool, tailored to the specific needs of park districts, forest preserves, conservation districts and special recreation agencies. Our mission is to enhance our members’ abilities to deliver outstanding park, recreation, and conservation services in their communities by providing them with proactive, responsive, stable and cost-effective coverage for their risk management needs.


To provide the services our members want, with the most responsive and easy to use risk management program for park, recreation and conservation districts in Illinois.



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